Runner Up Enterprises

About Us

Runner Up Enterprises is a family-owned manufacturing business with headquarters in Virginia, USA and production units in Sialkot, Pakistan. As a company committed to ethical and sustainable practices, we prioritize environmental awareness and uphold high standards for working conditions. We understand our responsibility to safeguard both our planet and our employees, and we consistently strive to exceed legal requirements. Our commitment to doing what is right, rather than simply what is expected, guides every aspect of our operations.

Our goal at Runner Up Enterprises is to provide small and medium-sized brands with a solution to their manufacturing needs. We recognize the challenge faced by these brands in meeting minimum order requirements, and we have implemented a strategy that allows us to produce customized products of exceptional quality and competitive pricing. Through our network of small and medium-scale manufacturing units across the city, staffed with field professionals, we have eliminated minimum order requirements and offer fast delivery to our clients. We prioritize the exclusivity of our clients by not selling to direct competitors, ensuring that they can confidently build their brand without worrying about market saturation.